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The Back to Health Show with guest, Dr. Larry Goodman

Live today at May 30, 2019 - 12pm EST. Was Live.

Just finished a great podcast with Dr. Walter Salubro - Back To Health Chiropractic Centre got to talk about the cutting-edge of personal transformation, mind-body-spirit healing and so much more. Give it a listen.

🔹Episode 64🔹 The Back to Health Show

Here is the LIVE video stream. Set reminder...

Today I have a returning BTH show guest, Dr. Larry Goodman.

Live today at 12pm EST. Look out for the live stream post and set the reminder.

We will talk about how emotional blocks and limiting beliefs hinder the possibility of living a fulfilling life full of health, happiness, and success....And how break free from the to create mastery in all areas of life.

The Back to Health Show is the place on the internet where we:

✔️ Give HOPE to people who have lost hope and direction for better health,

✔️ Bring awareness to the inner capacity for HEALING,


✔️ Guide people to discover the CHIROPRACTIC way to better health.

Episode 64 today at 12pm EST.

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