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In this customized program, in a series of weekly calls and periodic gatherings, Dr. Goodman and his team of seasoned successful practice coaches with years of practice and coaching experience, can lead you from wherever you are in practice to where you would love to be.


Whether you are new to the practice or the veteran of years in practice, Dr. Goodman and his team can coach you through growing your practice and your life from wherever you are at this moment to your dream practice, or even multidisciplinary practice or developing and implementing an exit strategy or adding additional revenue streams to build a stable future allowing you to experience financial security, stay aligned with your personal practice philosophy and values, and master the  MINDSET and AUTHENTICITY that are vital to enjoy practice in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

  • Building a mission statement that's aligned with your personal values.

  • Schedule out your ideal day, week, month, and year.

  • Goal setting with weekly accountability calls.

  • Financial Planning for profitability and wealth accumulation.

  • Strategic planning with marketing activities both internally (within the practice) and within the community both live and virtual.

  • Tailor-made revenue enhancement strategies based upon your practice philosophy, skills, and passion as a healer.


Let's make this your GOODEST year ever!

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