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Using Affirmations to Hack Your Mindset with Dr. Larry Goodman

Using Affirmations to Hack Your Mindset with Dr. Larry Goodman

Want to get notified every week with a new Health Hack? Just hit that subscribe button. During this COVID19 world pandemic, keeping your mindset in check is may literally be the difference between life and death. That's why I had to invite Dr. Larry Goodman to share his wisdom on how we can maintain a healthy mindset and even biohack it with affirmations! With over 38 years both as a practitioner and a personal empowerment coach. Dr. Goodman helps people go from stuck to unstoppable. From lessons learned in his own life, in his own path to victory, Dr. Goodman discovered a powerful combination of tools of transformation that he now shares with others. *Connect With Dr. Goodman* Website: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: _____________________________________________________________ About Health Hacks: Health Hacks is an innovative 30-minute podcast that highlights cutting-edge health hacks from around the world and the interesting stories that inspired them. In each episode, host Mark White uses a clever blend of storytelling and interviews to educate the audience on relatively new areas of vitality enhancing remedies. With the help of health experts, medical practitioners, and wellness oriented CEOs, Health Hacks explores the rapidly expanding world of health hacking and the stories that are driving it. Facebook: Instagram:
5 Things Before You Quit Your Job to Start A Business - Goodman Factor

5 Things Before You Quit Your Job to Start A Business - Goodman Factor

Friday's with Goodman discussion on an article read by Dr. Larry Goodman on "Do These 5 Things Before You Quit Your Job to Start A Business" From a Forbes article link below. Some of these topics seem so simple in retrospect, but the act of knowing these steps help us in the long term goals in quitting and starting that business. Martin Casado reads an excerpt from their book "Friday's with Goodman" where he himself declared a life of independence to begin to - FOLLOW HIS BLISS, and it was blissfully disenchanting, to say the least. We Covered these main topics and had Dr. Goodman answer each one according to the Goodman Factor. 1. Prove The Concept With A Side Hustle 2. Build A Financial Safety Net 3. Expand Your Skill Set 4. Set Goals And Develop A Plan 5. Get Support Topics covered: -Build your business organically. Doing this by the seat of my pants and hope something sticks. That only makes for chaos. -Perceived lack of order. Order produces certainty to learn more. -Make a goal by when? Without an answer to when you have no accountability? Written goals produce bigger results. -The willingness to bare discomfort is the touchstone of spiritual growth. Check out more on The Goodman Factor at: Dealing with any transitional Anxiety and like to schedule a 30 min. Call and start striving toward Your Goodest Life. Get our book written by Martin Casado in collaboration with Dr. Goodman called "Friday's with Goodman" available on Amazon: Full Forbes article here:
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