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21-Day Challege






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21-Day Challenge


Becoming Trigger Proof during the Holiday Season


What is Trigger Proof?
The ability to be fully present, at the moment, regardless of what happens or doesn't happen? It is critical to be able to show up as your most empowered, capable self and have fun doing it.

Why do the holiday's Trigger us so much?

We have a history of being taken out of our rituals and routines and spending time with friends and family with whom we have history.

When do we get most triggered?

We are not in our right mind, out of our element, not in our rituals or routines or hungry, angry, lonely, or sick.

How are you going to help me get me to become trigger-proof in this challenge?

With a proven scientifically based method of mindset mastery. You will learn how to overcome your habit driven responses and dissolve your triggers one at time.

In the 21-day challenge on WhatsApp will be posting one daily trigger and the antidote within the group chat. Everyone will give their answers and I will pop with a tool that you can use right away to begin to become trigger proof for the holidays.

Starting Tuesday, December 1-21st, 2020

All you have to do to join is send me a WhatsApp to Larry Goodman, message me, or call me to add your WhatsAPP to 305-206-0151 and type in

Thanks for submitting!

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