A 2-DAY Intensive virtual program designed to help you to recognize and identify what is holding you back

Let me help you unblock your capacity to bring about Your Goodest Life

A weekend, that in the past, has been done live that due to circumstances beyond our control (COVID 19) we’ve had to adapt and make it virtual.

Our Live and In-Person will be back and better than ever.

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Virtual 2-Day Event

Key topics in this 2-day intensive will be on values assessment, crafting your personal mission statement, and learning how to use it to become a tool for your own personal development.


Training and exposure to The Demartini Method, The Overview Method, Neuro-emotional Technique, and my own unique scientifically based Pivotal Moment Method.


Some of the key topics covered

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  • Cultivate Mindset Mastery

  • Dissolve your limiting beliefs

  • Values determination process

  • Clarify your mission and your values

  • What’s Stressing You?

  • Your Last Twenty-Four Hours/ Your Orbituary

  • Shitty First Draft

  • Myths, Delusions, Lies & Fantasies at the Root of All Stress

  • Feelings and their opposites

  • Before and After Story

  • Creature to Creator

  • Your Signs of Wisdom and Illumination

  • Your Mission Statement

  • Go from “stuck” to “unstoppable”

Let's make this your GOODEST year ever!

Your Goodest Life is a 2-day intensive virtual program designed to help you to recognize and identify what is holding you back from living Your Goodest Life. We dive deep into the science of resistance and learning tools to become the master of your own destiny, transformation, and living the life of your dreams.

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