Maximum Evolution — Chaos & Order

Friday's with Goodman Ep.8

Our Friday's with Goodman talk today is something was coached to me, Martin Casado, many times with Dr. Goodman on Maximum Evolution. Where in life we come to crossroads or things we hold on to for dear life and chaos and order ensue. We dive into the support and challenge and mix some current, 2020, situations into this deep dive. Dr. Goodman has been mentored and coached by John Demartini since 1992.

Maximum growth occurs at the border of support and challenge. ‘Distress’ occurs when the challenge far exceeds support. Life becomes boring when support far exceeds the challenge. Every evening it is wise to ask how whatever happened that day served your highest values and mission for life and helped you fulfill what is most important to you. If bored, look for the hidden challenges. If burned out, look for the hidden supports.

—Dr. John Demartini

- 2020 has not been boring 1:40

- Challenges from pandemic and adjustments 3:33

- What we think to self determine and label things as Good or bad 5:00

- There is no good without a corresponding bad, challenge without benefit 5:35