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Maximum Evolution — Chaos & Order

Friday's with Goodman Ep.8

Our Friday's with Goodman talk today is something was coached to me, Martin Casado, many times with Dr. Goodman on Maximum Evolution. Where in life we come to crossroads or things we hold on to for dear life and chaos and order ensue. We dive into the support and challenge and mix some current, 2020, situations into this deep dive. Dr. Goodman has been mentored and coached by John Demartini since 1992.

Maximum growth occurs at the border of support and challenge. ‘Distress’ occurs when the challenge far exceeds support. Life becomes boring when support far exceeds the challenge. Every evening it is wise to ask how whatever happened that day served your highest values and mission for life and helped you fulfill what is most important to you. If bored, look for the hidden challenges. If burned out, look for the hidden supports.

—Dr. John Demartini

- 2020 has not been boring 1:40

- Challenges from pandemic and adjustments 3:33

- What we think to self determine and label things as Good or bad 5:00

- There is no good without a corresponding bad, challenge without benefit 5:35

- The lockdown created challenges, restaurants had to adapt and revinvent 6:36

- Like a pendullum life with equilibrium over time 8:00

- Flow of energy, the way it changes form and spiritual ritual 8:40

- The universe will be here before and after us 10:00

- Every civilization has had a beginning, middle, and end 10:25

- Historic life span of governmental system, end of the run for the way it has been 10:40

- Mis-information, Bi-partisan, and coping with too much input aphasia 12:15

- Power of your rituals and control of your self and your life, locus control 13:00

- You feel good when you like it when you don't like the results you feel bad about it 13:30

- Internal Locus of control, going within, reactive to proactive 14:00

- Acting better than you feel and becoming trigger proof 15:20

- Your habit and rituals and overcoming the illusion 16:15

- Your inner self says you have to do something 17:00

- Cultivating meditation 17:30

- The universe is self-correcting and a new order of higher level of evolution 18:39

- Evolution occurs during the process of maximum support to maximum challange19:20

- Practice being trigger proof 19:50

- What you think about and thank about, you bring about 21:00

- Old ways no longer serving me and let go and maximum evolution 21:40

- Old order is breaking down, you 2.0 22:55

- Where you feel stuckness in the external world 23:40

- To let go is to lose control and learn how to trust the process 24:40

- Surrender implies letting go 26:22

- Like waiting for the perfect wave in the direction the wave is going 27:00

- Reflect upon the day what did you learn, what worked, what didn't work and 27:42

- Maximum evolution occurs at the border of support & challenge & the hidden order 28:32

- Getting to the acknowledgment and keeping your word to yourself 29:48

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