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About Dr. Goodman


With over 40 years both as a practitioner and a personal empowerment coach. Dr. Goodman helps people go from stuck to unstoppable.  From lessons learned in his own life, in his own path to victory, Dr. Goodman discovered a powerful combination of tools of transformation that he now shares with others. 


Let's make this your best year ever!

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Dr Larry Goodman of the Goodman Factor
The life you live is the result of the beliefs that you hold. To change your life you need only change your beliefs. You can go from Stuck to Unstoppable, and we can help!
—Dr. Larry Goodman

The Goodman Factor


Our Book


Fridays with Goodman


A story of a striving artist, a Good-man and the Universal Principles at Play.


A story of a graphic artist and a Doctor who coincidentally both reached a pivotal crossroad in their lives and met every Friday morning. Little did they know that their mess was their message. The Goodman Factor was in its infancy and later it would become our story. A motivated changed belief system and an unstoppable life ahead.  ​


Watch Dr. Goodmans and Martin Casado Interview on the book launch.