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Transform Trauma, Embrace Healing, Live Your 'Goodest' Life

The Goodman Factor

Welcome to the world of Dr. Larry Goodman

With over 40+ years of experience as a practitioner and personal empowerment coach, Dr. Goodman is dedicated to helping you unlock your true potential and embark on a journey of continuous growth. Get ready to go from stuck to unstoppable and make this your best year ever, as we dive into the limitless possibilities of The Ever Evolving You!



1-on-1 Life Coaching to live Your Goodest Life


neuro emotional technique

Certified NET Practitioner in Miami, FL


Team Building

Elevate Team Synergy and Leadership Skills

Keynote Speaker

Dynamic Keynote Presentations for Empowerment

Try One Trauma or Trigger

Are you tired of the haunting echoes of past traumas, robbing you of your peace? Imagine a life where you could break free from those shackles, reclaim your inner strength, and embrace healing. What if I told you, for just $7, you can unlock the Survivor's Guide To Conquering Trauma, guiding you through the journey of understanding triggers at their roots?

The survivors guide to Conquering Trauma with Dr. Goodman

Testimonial Experience

Embark on Martin's journey of self-discovery with 'Fridays with Goodman' in both book and audio format. Experience the transformative power of NET firsthand. Get your copy now!

Guided by
Dr. Goodman

This session includes an evaluation of your values, personalized guidance, and validation of your newfound freedom from the trauma using various tools including NET. Don't let past traumas hold you back any longer – invest in your well-being and unlock your true potential today.


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Transform in 90 Days

Embark on a life-changing 90-day journey with Dr. Goodman's transformative coaching program. Using cutting-edge techniques and personalized guidance, you'll break free from past traumas and unlock your true potential. Dive into this immersive experience and unleash the best version of yourself.

Limited Availability

Craft Your Destiny

12-week journey with Dr. Goodman to unlock life's secrets. Each week, dive into a module with insights and exercises for your ultimate fulfillment. After each module, get a worksheet with actionable tasks unlocking every 3 days for steady progress and transformation.


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The life you live is the result of the beliefs that you hold. To change your life you need only change your beliefs. You can go from Stuck to Unstoppable, and we can help!

—Dr. Larry Goodman