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Grey's Anatomy featured NET on "Owen" in last weeks episode.

(Neuro emotional Technique) Learn more from Dr. Larry Goodman

On last Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, the modality that I am a Certified practitioner of, was used to help a main character's long standing trauma.

Neuro Emotional Technique is a clinically researched and journal-published mind-body stress reduction protocol that finds and removes physiological stress patterns.

I was actually a client of this technique and within a month of my first session I attended my first training and have been studying it and contributing to its protocols and assisting in programs since 1993.

Those of you who know me in person or follow me on social media are aware of my love and passion for practicing NET.

If you want to learn more about it, ask me.  I am happy to share the scientific research, how it works, and some of mhy favorite success stories including how it got rid of my PTSD after Hurricane Andrew and clients blocks to success and smoking cessation, to name a few.


Dr. Larry Goodman


Grey's Anatomy Recap: (Episode) Two Couples Take Big Steps Forward, While Two Others Take Humongous Steps Back

"Owen wasn’t dumb and didn’t like hurting people. So why would he have blown it up? The therapist suspected that his patient was caught in a pattern, one that he could break free of if they could discover the event that caused the pattern to be formed. Using the NET technique — in which the therapist pushed down on Owen’s outstretched arm in order to detect stress-related responses as he asked questions — the therapist found that Germany triggered a response. “Do you feel distrustful of Teddy?” he asked. Had he ever felt distrustful of her? (Maybe Teddy is Owen’s Altman, too.) The patient was sure that they should be looking for trauma farther back, like during the Iraq war.

The therapist, however, went even father back than that, bringing Owen to age 10 and his science-bee victory. It was “the best I ever felt,” he said, choked up. Thing was, it didn’t sound to his therapist like it had been the best he ever felt. As the two of them dug deeper, Owen shared that that wondrous day had also been the day that his mother had told him that his father had died. As a result, Owen had never told her about his win; he’d been too ashamed to have felt happy at such a tragic moment. Aha, the therapist didn’t say but might as well have. Owen could have then gone forward undermining and stopping any feelings of happiness he might have experienced before the bad news that was sure to follow it could swoop in and ruin it. Major breakthrough for Owen! At the end of the day, Teddy, prompted by Megan, texted her babydaddy to make sure he was OK. He was, he assured her. The session had been hard but good."

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