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First Aid Stress Tool (FAST)

We wanted to let you know there’s now a FAST video on the FirstAidStressTool.comsite. This is a wonderful way for patients to see ‘How to do FAST’, plus it’s excellent for those who need a little review later.  I’m sure you’ll find great value in this new addition, and we give a huge ‘thanks’ to Certified NET Practitioner Laya Seghi for sharing this video!

FAST can be used to help relieve symptoms associated with mind/body stress. The stressful events we face today are often subconsciously reminding us of old stressful events that have happened in our past, and this can cause a recurring stress pattern. This kind of stress pattern is called a conditioned response, and it often happens without any awareness on our part. FAST comes from a more comprehensive technique called call NET. Both FAST and NET are focused on eliminating specific conditioned response patterns so people don't have to keep experiencing a continual reaction to unresolved past events. In some cases NET, which is only used by licensed healthcare practitioners, is needed to help find and resolve the deeper issue associated with a past stress pattern.

Another way to help your patients

Making a connection with your established patients and letting them know you care is really important right now.  A simple phone call or an email that says you're thinking of them will mean a lot during these uncertain times.  You can also let your patients know if your office is currently open; and if you’re doing remote visits, you can let them know that’s an option too.

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