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Reviewing the Year + Setting Goals

+ Objective for 2021 - ep9

Friday's with Goodman conversations on Reviewing your year and objectives for 2021 coming up and being ready. How Dr. Goodman coaches his clients on putting together their goals, systems, and objectives into play and ready for the new year.

  • A job well done and acknowledging it 1:00

  • Unforeseen event take place, an invisible virus threw us off or didn't by dealing 2:00

  • Not be attached to your outcomes and know the symptoms 3:05

  • Why bother setting goals for 2021 4:30

  • You get to have business as usual if 5:50

  • How we stop trusting ourselves and the system 7:00

  • Never having to have gone through this experience how do we move forward 10:05

  • You gave up your discipline bit by bit now you regaining the same way 12:05

  • Goal setting solutions 12:40

  • No one can see the way back to normal, which is nothing more than a... 13:30

  • Conscious languaging 14:20

  • Mourning what you thought you lose, instead of finding the lesson 15:40

  • Self-reflection and really writing down your plan, your goal and doing the work16:30

  • Applying the tools to build your mindset and vision, renewed opportunity 19:22

  • What you think and thank about you bring about 20:25

  • Get a notebook and wipe the slate clean and revisit your values 21:35 -

  • Your values change as you grow and evolve 21:10

  • Pause and reflect your values or get your wheel at our website 22:50

  • Put pen to paper and make your plan 23:30

  • You got this 25:30

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