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5 Hot Topics Jan-Feb 2021- Ep11

Friday's with Goodman Ep11

Our Friday's with Goodman talk today with Dr. Larry Goodman and Martin Casado.

The 5 Topics are:

  1. Thoughts on Gamestop and Robinhood

  2. Wallstreet stopped a trade and not the SEC

  3. How many masks are too many?

  4. Jeff Bezos stepping down

  5. Nikola Tesla

We have been doing Facebook Lives with Dr. Goodman! I, Martin, have great Zoom calls, and whenever I need to get some insights or perspective on what's happening in these Mainstream media times Dr. Goodman has a good way of explaining the ins and outs. These are just his opinions. Dr. Goodman usually doesn't know what I am going to ask at the moment but he is almost always ready to go.

Also, Dr. Goodman is looking at his Facebook Live Camera most of the time.

I pick out 5 topics that are trending at the moment. Some topics from what is trending in Google, social media, or sometimes even some human behavior topics.

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